Search Engine Marketing

Our niche experts professionally setup and manage search engine marketing (SEM) to drive customers to your online presence. If the thought of learning how to manage your pay per click search marketing overwhelms you, we understand. That's why we offer simple low cost plans that work for you, not worry you. And if you need to setup six campaigns but only need a monthly management service for one of the six campaigns, our plans offer this flexibility. To start driving qualified leads to your website or eCommerce store, find and buy a pay as you go plan today.


Search engine marketing

  • Google AdWords
  • Expert setup of search term groups
  • Configuration of Google AdWords
  • Professional Google AdWords advert copy
  • Flexible upgrade/downgrade plan option
  • Pause/restart SEM option
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No per click commission fees
  • Pay as you go service plan

*3rd party (Google AdWords) monthly advertising fee not included in Webskyler's monthly plans.


Support, maintenance & marketing

  • Monthly reports
  • Professional monthly consultations
  • Optional SEM workshop ($415, private course)
  • DIY SEM management available

Charges per industry?

No additional fees apply per industry.


Get to Number 1 on Google?

Each business will have unique challenges to overcome. We give honest advice and support on how to appear on Google's 1st page of results.

SEM to increase your enquiries and sales

You work, customers Google and we do search engine marketing



Pause/restart monthly SEM plans
Professional Google AdWords marketing for business
$270.10No monthly contract
  • Setup + management
  • 1 Campaign
  • Professional setup
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer support
$359.20No monthly contract
  • Setup + management
  • 2 Campaigns
  • Professional setup
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer support
$630.70No monthly contract
  • Setup + management
  • 4 Campaigns
  • Professional setup
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer support
$810.90No monthly contract
  • Setup + management
  • 6 Campaigns
  • Professional setup
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer support
* Upgrade/downgrade charges commence one billing month after the service change.
* No fees apply to pause or restart service plan. No restriction applies to how long a plan is paused.
* SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimisation) are different services. SEO is ideal for improving SEM results.
* Pricing for all-inclusive setup and management of AdWords.
* 3rd Party advertising fees not included with plans. We can advise on a monthly advertising budget for Google AdWords.


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