Personalised Help

Whether you are hosting, building, creating or boosting a website or eCommerce store, you won't be left alone with issues like security, caching, updates, redesign or marketing. As your business grows, pivots or becomes agile, we’re here to help with the small and big changes.

Service inclusions

You can focus more on your web presence and business when things like security, caching and updates are automatically covered for you.

Help for small and big changes

If you need to research tweaks or a complete change to your web presence, you can send your questions to Webskyler. Ready to make changes? This can be done with a variety of core solutions and ad hoc services like logo design, hosting upgrades and design tweaks.

Quality business support

We honestly believe dedicated and personalised help will achieve those small wins or visionary goals of yours.

Responsive support times

Receive a same day reply to your enquiries. Email not working? We offer phone and remote desktop support to help you setup mail programs on mobile, tablet and PC. For design and development work, our work response times vary. Any work that requires about 2 hours time is scheduled within 24 hours of receiving your payment. For work that needs 2+ hours of time to complete, a mutually convenient day and time is discussed with you. For quotes, we consult with you on the details to quote appropriately and this can take about three to five days.

Fast track service

Depending on other scheduled projects, your website or eCommerce project can be fast tracked, without changing your payment schedule. For significantly larger projects that require critical fast tracking, fees apply.

Emergency (site offline)

Oops! Accidentally made your site stop working? For these rare occasions, Webskyler can review the issue at no cost to you. After assessing the issue, you receive details about the problem and solutions to get the site online again. Once we receive your authorisation, and any applicable fees, we apply a fix as soon as possible for you.

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