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Find additional services to help your web presence. If you can't find what you are looking for, please send an online enquiry.


Take advantage of our experience and dedication to what we do. Whether it's getting started, improving on the existing or looking for new opportunities, we can help. Our consulting services are perfectly suited to budget conscious entrepreneurs, established business owners and marketers.

Phone Consultation

Discuss your business with Webskyler. Let us know your concerns, vision and strategy. We then review your web presence and then call you back to discuss your current situation and preliminary options going forward.


Consultation & Report

Having an idea is different to having a strategy to achieve a desired outcome. After a consultation process where we do an analysis of your needs and web presence, we prepare a personalised report to addresses your issues and provide actionable tasks relating to marketing, design, development, support and maintenance.


Content Packages

Maintaining your professional web presence requires quality content. Your customers and search engines will appreciate your site over others. For a range of professionally produced web content, choose Webskyler's content package to refresh or makeover your site, incrementally or all at once. After an assessment of your needs, the content is produced and supplied to you, so you can load it on your site. Alternatively, you can ask us to help with that too.


After discussing your requirements, we present you with options for professionally produced content item(s), to suit your budget and ideas on design and customer engagement.



We present you with options on a range of professionally produced content item(s) to suit your budget and ideas on design and customer engagement. If you're on social media, we create complimenting content for a maximum of three social platforms.


Design & Development

Our design and development service can be applied to your website, eCommerce or social media platforms, to ensure the brand, marketing and functionalities of your web presence are geared for enquiries and sales.  Each month, gain access to professionals who will fix up, update and improve your site using code, graphic design and copy writing.

Monthly Design & Development

After a consultation session to discuss your needs and identify core issues, we provide options for your consideration. We start work only after you select the services you want designed and developed. No minimum lock-in contract period.

$370.00 / month

Domain Transfers

With a Webskyler website plan, you can transfer your official domain name away from an old service provider free of charge. It's important that you do not cancel the domain service with the old provider until after the transfer has completed.

No Cost Domain Transfer

Transfer your domains from your old service provider to Webskyler at no cost to you. Your website service plan already includes one year domain name registration for your official domain name.


General Services

We're available to help you under a general service fee agreement that's billed in 15 minute increments. This ad hoc service is helpful for those times when you need immediate attention to your site. To request a quote, please make an online enquiry.

Quoted Jobs

After receiving your payment, we get to work on the authorised quoted.

$31.25 / 15 minutes

Hosting Plan Adjustments

Some WordPress plugins require the hosting environment tweaked in order for the plugin to work. In these cases, simply contact Webskyler to have the adjustments made at no cost to you. Once we receive your request, we make the changes only after verifying the environment variables required by the plugin.

No Cost Hosting Tweaks

Make changes to your hosting plan so that your WordPress plugins work as per the plugin developer's specifications.


Logo, Icon & Style Guide

Design a logo and develop a style guide to ensure a consistent look and feel across web (and print) marketing. Our service includes unlimited revisions, so right from the start you have an upfront price for a design service.

Logo Design

3 concepts based on your design direction and any reference materials. Unlimited revisions until you have the perfect logo. Logo file formats as per your requirements. All inclusive logo design package includes social media banners for 3 platforms.


Icon Pack Design

Design of icon set/pack to suit your design direction and any reference materials. Branded to suit your logo or style guide. Suitable for web or print marketing.


Style Guide

Color, font and typography style guide based on your design direction and any reference materials. Used for web and print marketing branding. Unlimited revisions.


Mail Data Migration

If you're setting up a new Webskyler email service, you can also transfer your old emails from your previous provider to Webskyler, so you can access the older emails via Webskyler's incoming and outgoing mail settings. After confirming important aspects of the mail accounts you want to transfer, the data migration is scheduled for Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. It's important that you do not cancel the old mail service until after the migration has completed.

Scheduled Data Migration

Move your mail data from an old service provider to Webskyler. Fee applicable to one data transfer (with multiple mail accounts) from one service provider.


Plugin Support & Maintenance

If you are adding or testing WordPress plugins for your site or store,  we're here to assist with support and maintenance. For plugin code customisations, please make an enquiry to receive an assessment and quote.

Monthly Pay As You Go Plugin Help

Get your plugins updated and receive the support you need with with a monthly payment subscription service. Learn to update plugins yourself or we can do this for you. No minimum contract.

$15.50 / month

1 Year Plugin Help

Receive the support and help you need all year round with a yearly support and maintenance subscription service. We update your plugins, provide training to perform the updates yourself (if you want this) and assist you with plugin installation, setup and configuration. Maximum 10 plugins.

$225.00 / year

Pretty Site & Layout Styling

Need a bit of help with making your site pretty? With this service, a designer will apply the changes you need to improve the overall look and feel of your existing website, page by page or in one entire site brand.


*Service does not include adding new content, features or functionality.

Pretty Page Styling

One page styling to improve on an existing web page's look and feel.


Pretty Site Brand Styling

Using a style guide that you choose, we apply colour styling to your entire website and eCommerce store.


Pretty Page Layout

One page layout styling to improve on an existing web page.


Pretty Page (& Device) Layout

One page layout styling is applied to the current design template to improve on noticeable layout issues and to reflect your vision for customer engagement. Also, styling code is produced to ensure the layout is consistent across mobile and tablet devices.


Professional Writing

Writing on your web presence shouldn't confuse, offend or disengage customers from your product or service.  To convey a professional business, ensure grammar and punctuation don't become an issue for discerning customers. For improvements with sales and enquiries, copy writing, that's created by a Webskyler media professional, is a proven specialist service that's guaranteed to boost customer engagement.

Copy Writing 1000 Words

Hire an experienced media writer to create specialist writing for your web presence. Guaranteed to boost enquiries and sales.


Copy Writing 300 Words

Hire an experienced media writer to create specialist writing for your web presence. Guaranteed to boost customer engagement.


Basic Editing 2500 Words

Hire a professional writer to proof read your writing to remove grammatical and punctuation errors.


Test Site

If you have a production (live) site but would rather work on a test site to create future website updates, Webskyler can arrange this for you. The test development site will look identical to the production site but it won't be accessible via your official domain name. Your test site is also under a development lock and key, so a username and password is required to see the test site's homepage.  If your live site has eCommerce installed, we ensure your test site's eCommerce is disabled or in test mode.

Monthly Pay As You Go Test Site

Hosting plan for development purposes. Request to duplicate your official site or restore the test site as you need. No minimum contract.

$31.50 / month

Development Test Site

One year hosting service for development purposes. Request to duplicate your official site or restore the test site as you need.



New to WordPress websites and eCommerce? At Webskyler, you can find options to improve your skills.  Our help is offered remotely via TeamViewer software. This software is available for free, to download onto your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Once the software is installed,  you can then make an appointment with Webskyler for remote support and training.  During a support and training session, Webskyler will be able to gain secure access to your screen, to demonstrate how to use WordPress and to also see any problems you encounter. With remote demonstrations, phone support and training materials, you can be confident your website creation skills will grow.

15 Minute Beginner WordPress Help

Phone, email and remote desktop support to help you on your way. Applicable only to WordPress or eCommerce assistance.


4 x 15 Minute Beginner WordPress Help

Phone, email and remote desktop support to help you on your way. Valid 12 months after date of purchase. Applicable only to WordPress or eCommerce assistance.


1 Year Beginner WordPress Help

Each month get phone and email support, plus 2 x 15 minute remote desktop support sessions. Use anytime during a 12 month period. Applicable only to WordPress or eCommerce assistance.


Storage Space

To get more storage space simply select an upgrade option. At any time you can downgrade* to suit your needs.

* Change becomes effective after one billing month

Extra 5GB - Web Hosting

Add an additional 5GB to your web or eCommerce plan.

$41.30 / year

Extra 2GB - Email Service

Add an additional 2GB to your email service plan.

$12.90 / year

Looking for something else?

Please send an email to with details of your requirements and current service.

Website Migration

We can move your WordPress website or eCommerce site to Webskyler, at no charge.  We can also transfer your official domain name to your Webskyler service plan, to consolidate all services under a single account. And if you have mail data at your old service provider that you want to keep, you can organise a mail data migration (fees apply). Once we verify all details with you, your website is scheduled for migration at a time that suits you and your business. It's important that during a website migration that you don't cancel old services until the migration is fully completed.

No Cost WordPress Website Migration

Move your website data and other services from an old service provider to Webskyler. This service is applicable to one data transfer / one domain, from one service provider. Service assessment conducted prior to transfer.


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