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Registering and maintaining multiple domain names that turn out to be ineffective, or never used, is costly. With Webskyler, you're always securing the best online marketing strategy for business. To get started, find and buy a domain name service to suit your business. Alternatively, view website plans that include domain registration.


Domain name service

  • 1 Year managed domain registration
  • .com  .net  .org  .info  .biz
  • Easy domain transfers to Webskyler
  • Easy renewals
  • Pay as you go service plan (Email & Website)

Support, maintenance & marketing

Can I own a domain name?

Domains can't be "purchased" and then subsequently "owned". Instead, domain names are registered to effectively lease the use of a domain, for a specified period of time. This is all done in accordance with the guidelines of a domain's extension, as defined by the regulatory body. Under a renewal process, registrants of a domain are able to secure the future use of a domain name. Trademarks allow you to protect the right to register a domain and should be discussed with a trademark lawyer.

Domains for business, special interest groups or people

Register one or more domain names to suit the needs of your business, group or personal blog


.AU &

Domains suited for business. Your ABN is needed to register any domain.

.AU &

Domains suited for non-commercial use; associations, unions, charities and non-profit organisations.


Domains for Australian citizens


.com & more

.com .net .biz
Domains for business

Organisations, non-profits, open source communities

. info
Informational sites

Domain name services
Fully managed domain, hosting, email and website services
Domain Rego.
$52.00Yearly renewal fee
  • 1 Yr domain registration
  • 1 Yr managed service
  • Customer support
  • Australian based service
Add On Domain
$99.50Yearly service fee
  • Attach to existing website
  • Domain option report
  • Effective domain
  • Suits SEO & SEM strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • 1 Yr domain registration
Email Starter
$103.80$8.65 / mth, billed yearly
Total yearly price $103.80
  • Domain name help
  • 1GB Storage
  • 3 Email addresses
  • 1 Yr domain registration
  • IMAP
  • POP 3 / SMTP
  • Spam filtering
  • Email forwarding
Startup Web
$434.00$335 deposit + 1 extra payment of $99.00. Total price $434
  • Select theme design
  • Mobile responsive
  • 5 Pages/menus setup
  • Logo installed
  • Site colour setup
  • Self edit, 24/7
  • 1 x 15min training
  • 1 Yr email service
  • 1 Yr domain registration
  • $335 yearly hosting renewal
* Email Starter plan is shown from Email Services and Startup Web plan is shown from Startup Business Website services.


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